More Like Home’s DIY Bar Stools

We just relocated into a new apartment and were in need of some bar stools.  I didn’t want to break the bank by new stools.  So, in the spirit of being thrifty, we built our own!  Well, actually my husband did the major load of the work but I helped where we saw fit. 🙂

Big thanks to this blueprint by MORE LIKE HOME and thanks to my wonderful husband for getting the job done! It wasn’t nearly as easy as it looks haha! This was our first time building furniture, by the way.




Once he finished building them I gave them a paint job.

I am absolutely in love with them and the best part is that no one else in the world owns this style/color combination of stools. Probably.

The full “how-to” can be found here.

Happy DIYing!




People often decide against cloth diapering their baby simply because they are afraid of the clean-up.  Well don’t be mistaken!  Cleaning cloth diapers is very easy and really not as bad as most people think it is.  Watch this very short video showing how I clean our diapers.  My husband even got in on the fun. 🙂

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Brittany Mayo

The Crunchy Mamas Product Review

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I received these products for free in exchange for a review. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions in this post are MY OWN. I do not take responsibility for these products but I have personally used them, I think they are great, and I highly recommend them. 🙂 It’s important to do your own research. When in doubt, ask a doctor!

When I started this journey towards green-parenting, my plan was to slowly convert all of my commercial household products to completely natural ones. I figured, if I can take such great caution with what I use on my hair, why not do the same for my skin and what I ingest? This is a huge task simply because it’s hard to figure out exactly what you want and/or like. Not to mention, finding products that are budget-friendly! When pondering the use of natural products I always think the question that we crunchy mommies often ask,
“Why do we put so much time, energy, and effort into researching the harmful effects of 100% natural products and little or no effort into learning about products that we have used, for so long, that contain PLENTY of unsafe chemicals?”

Over the past week, I have had the pleasure of using three homemade products by “The Crunchy Mamas.” They craft and sell “eco-friendly beauty, skincare, and wellness products” that are both “safe and chemical free alternatives to commercial products.” After viewing their site and sampling the products received, I now like to think of them as a one stop shop for products in the department of beauty and wellness. Their company makes it easy for anyone to transition away from things that are chemically processed. Their shop can be found HERE.

I was sent three GREAT products!product review
1)Witchy Woman is a make-up remover. I love that it is composed of only three ingredients: organic macadamia nut oil (YUMMY), organic witch hazel, and water. Simple and straight to the point. I’m sure we have all heard of and/or used witch hazel. I have! However, this combination with the macadamia nut oil makes it even better. I simply dab this onto a cotton ball and gently wipe. It has a very light fragrance and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dehydrated. And OH MY GOSH, they sell this stuff for only FIVE BUCKS. I recommend this in place of your conventional toners! You can purchase it HERE.

2) Smelly Face Serum is the perfect moisturizer. The Crunchy Mamas blended organic unrefined coconut oil, beeswax, organic hemp seed oil, organic rosehip seed oil, organic tamanu oil, vitamin e, organic carrot seed essential oil, organic geranium essential oil, and organic myrtle essential oil into one satisfying product for only $20! Try making this product yourself and you will easily spend about $100 bucks! No ma’am pam! This serum helps fight a plethora of issues but what stuck out to me is that it treats blemish scars, acne, and dull skin; three issues I have struggled with since my teenage years. It is also appropriately named in that is has such a wonderful “earthy” fragrance. If you have ever purchased products from places like “Origins” or “Aveda” then you can identify with that earthy smell. I LOVE IT! This is to be used in place of those commercial moisturizes (DUH) that we all purchase in Walmart and places like it. Smelly face serum can be purchased HERE.

3) Her Pit is my favorite of these three! Why? Because it’s an all natural DEODORANT. Yes, deodorant. I have never thought about using an all natural deodorant before because if you think about it you wouldn’t think it would actually work. Well, ladies and gentlemen, IT DOES! You can read the list of ingredients HERE because, as you can see, these women use nothing but the best in their products. The deodorant comes in “His & Hers” which means I have to get one for my husband to try. This product is $9 and can be purchased HERE.

The best part (aside from being completely natural and organic) is that these all come in glass jars. This means there are no unsafe chemicals that usually come along with plastic. This also means that the products are going to be well-preserved. FOR THE WIN.

Check out The Crunchy Mamas today! photo 1Meet Ashley and Katie! Their company is based out of Dallas, Oregon and the above photo was lovingly taken from their website! 😉

Avocado Oil for Eczema Prone Skin

I was really persnickety about what I exposed my child to while pregnant and after she was born. I was the mother who refused to drink sodas, drink coffee, and take headache medicine to prevent any exposure to my baking baby.

My daughter was born with what I would consider a mild case of eczema. I researched high and low for natural things that I thought would help soothe her dry skin. We made sure to stay away from fragrances and protectants like Vaseline that a lot of the older generation swears by.

After reading about the benefits of eating avocados, I marked it as one of many things I would begin to feed my child for all of the good nutrition they rendered. One day out in the the store, I ran across a bottle of avocado oil and it dawned on me. I already knew that avocados were going to be good for her to consume with all the folic acid and other nutritional values. I wondered what it would do for her skin. I am the mother that stood in the aisle on my phone researching everything before purchasing for my child. After a couple minutes of research, I found that avocado contained over 25 vital nutrients including vitamins (A, B, C, E, and K) and minerals such as copper, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, and that avocado has been known to quench the thirst of dry, parched skin with it’s spectacular moisture retaining abilities.

So, in an effort to refrain from having to get some prescribed cream to soothe her thirsty skin, I decided to purchase my first bottle. Camille was about 2 months old, or so, and it has been such an experience. I would put it on right after her bath while her skin was still moist in an effort to retain as much moisture as possible. I saw such an improvement in her dry scaly patches in just a few days. Not only does it moisturize her skin but it was also great for her hair as well in which I will save for another time.

You can find natural avocado oil in places like GNC and Whole Foods and isn’t very expensive. The oil is also lightweight so only a little goes a long way!

Carlyn Rae


This avocado oil brand is found at Whole Foods for about $10.

Letter From Toots

I’ve previously shared my story of how I am exclusively pumping in order to provide my baby with my breastmilk. I hook-up to a machine about five or six times a day for about 20 minutes, label and/or store milk, clean pump parts, and then do it all over again every few hours. There’s nothing fun about it. It is very, very stressful. So stressful that even my husband can feel that it is a burden to me, within himself. He definitely helps out when it comes to keeping her occupied during the times I pump so that it’s a little easier. (Try pumping, while holding and/or feeding a fussy baby.) Ah! The reward comes in knowing my little one is not only getting full off of my milk, but also that she is getting plenty of naturally occurring nutrients. The final motivation I needed, to keep going, came this morning. As I laid in bed (having a small “mommy meltdown”), my husband was in the kitchen with Toots. My phone buzzed. There was a new text from him. This photo:20140711-095448-35688706.jpg

How could I not smile at this?

Anything for my baby girl.

Lots of love,
Brittany Rachel

Dad’s Corner: Delirium

Each pregnancy has it’s own challenges. The emotional roller-coaster, sleepless nights, endless worrying about adequate studying of proper parenting skills, watching to clock tick slower and slower toward her due date, and on and on and on….
But, there’s so much beauty and fun to be had as a couple during this time. Even in the midst of some of the hardest times of the pregnancy, the strength of the relationship with your partner will grow, trust will reach new heights, and Love will carry you through.

Though I didn’t get to carry the baby, I tried to be as nurturing and caring of Brittany as I possibly could. Cooked breakfast for her everyday, massages, and most importantly, listening to her every thought. Her fears and worries. And through it all, I grew to trust myself more when I felt tired and to be more aware of the constant struggle that pregnancy is for my Lady. We both had to learn to submit to the situation that is pregnancy, and sometimes laugh, whole heartedly, in difficult times that challenged us the most.

A perfect example from our experience:
At the beginning of Brittany’s third trimester she began to experience some hip displacement and loosening of pelvic girdle ligaments. Basically, her body was preparing the passageway for the baby. This caused EXTREME discomfort that seemed to have no remedy, except for waiting it out and hoping that her skeleton would realign as she laid or stretched a certain way. It caused sleepless nights, and one thing future Dad’s will learn….If Mama ain’t gettin’ sleep, NOBODY is getting sleep. Lol!
It was about 3:30am and my wife couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to use the potty and her body just wasn’t responding. I got out of bed and started helping her up. One leg slumped to the floor in the most awkward way as the other remained in the bed, then those legs switched places, all the while she is in excruciating pain. After about 15 minutes of trying everything we could, feeling hopeless and deliriously sleepy, she started giggling….then laughing….then laughing hysterically! I joined in, confused and kind of scared. (I thought she had just lost it completely!) And we laughed together for about 15 minutes at how ridiculously hard the most simple tasks had become. After it was quiet and Brittany was laying comfortably again, I was able to realize how much this woman had changed my life, how this baby was changing our lives before she even arrived, and how much joy we would share in our future struggles.

Finding that moment of laughter has proven to be a key factor in our parenting journey so far. We have gone from tired, to super tired, to ‘We’d rather sleep than anything else in the world’ tired. But we have submitted our lives to our baby, each other and God, and we have the greatest joy we could have ever imagined!